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In our latest series of podcasts and webinar, we talk to healthcare professionals about risk management techniques surrounding unmanaged devices & how to obtain zero trust security. Sponsored by Medigate by Claroty.

Challenges and Solutions to Unmanaged Devices in Healthcare

Risk Management Techniques Surrounding Unmanaged Devices & How to Obtain Zero Trust Security

If we had to troubleshoot just a few devices every once in a while, our hospital systems would run as smooth as butter, right? 

But, when missing devices, security issues, and friction caused by interoperability hits, we can’t expect a smooth operation.

This webinar will answer many questions surrounding the devices integral to keeping patients healthy. Joining us to talk about managing your unmanaged devices are guests Andrew Sutherland, CISO for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Erik Decker, CISO for Intermountain Healthcare, and Jonathan Langer, COO of Claroty and Co-Founder of Medigate by Claroty. Understanding your device inventory can seem overwhelming, but these leaders will share what they have implemented and what can be next for your health system. Hear about the risk management techniques that they have found to manage the devices in their systems.

List of healthcare professionals and panelists speaking about risk management techniques surrounding unmanaged devices & how to obtain zero trust security.


Before the webinar, check out the Briefing Campaign on our channel, hitting on five major topics about unmanaged devices in healthcare. Speaker Samuel Hill from Medigate by Claroty sheds light on challenges surrounding devices in healthcare and what can resolve them. How do you build zero trust security? How do you assess your technology successfully? Merger & Acquisitions; How do you manage your devices? Do you know where your devices are? Our conversations cover all of these questions and more.

So many devices. So little oversight. Be the change and listen now to honest conversations propelling healthcare forward! Find solutions and learn how your hospital system can progress without the everyday hindrances to which you’ve become accustomed.


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