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Eric Bricker, MD

Chief Medical Officer


Eric Bricker, MD is the Founder of Texas Family Insurance, an Independent Individual and Family Health Insurance Brokerage and a Division of AHealthcareZ. AHealthcareZ Provides 200+ Healthcare, Health Insurance and Coronavirus Videos by Dr. Eric Bricker with Approximately 90,000 Views Per Month Across All Platforms.

Dr. Bricker is an internal medicine physician and former Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Compass Professional Health Services. Compass is a Healthcare Navigation service that grew to 2,000+ clients including T-Mobile, Southwest Airlines and Chili's/Maggiano's Restaurants. Compass was acquired by Alight Solutions in July 2018. Alight is a 10,000 person employee benefits and HR outsourcing company that separated from Aon in 2017.

Twitter: @DrEricB
YouTube Channel: AHealthcareZ
Book: "Healthcare Money Campfire Stories" Available on


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