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Eric Bricker, MD

Chief Medical Officer


Eric Bricker, MD is the Founder of Texas Family Insurance, an Independent Individual and Family Health Insurance Brokerage and a Division of AHealthcareZ. AHealthcareZ Provides 200+ Healthcare, Health Insurance and Coronavirus Videos by Dr. Eric Bricker with Approximately 90,000 Views Per Month Across All Platforms.

Dr. Bricker is an internal medicine physician and former Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Compass Professional Health Services. Compass is a Healthcare Navigation service that grew to 2,000+ clients including T-Mobile, Southwest Airlines and Chili's/Maggiano's Restaurants. Compass was acquired by Alight Solutions in July 2018. Alight is a 10,000 person employee benefits and HR outsourcing company that separated from Aon in 2017.

Twitter: @DrEricB
YouTube Channel: AHealthcareZ
Book: "Healthcare Money Campfire Stories" Available on



You have totally laissez-faire capitalism and then you have completely run by the government in a socialized fashion. As you can imagine, most things lie in the middle. And healthcare lies in the middle somewhere too.
If the income of hospitals and doctors is going down because the patient volume is going down, then by definition, that means that the employers, individuals, and the government are holding on to that money.
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