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Brian Farmintino

Systems Infrastructure Manager

New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Brian Farmintino is the Systems Infrastructure Manager at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.



What drove us to the cloud initially was Amazon’s Alexa. We've been able to install significant amounts of Alexa devices in patient rooms and it’s been a huge success. That was the kickstart to reducing our data center and getting our IT staff thinking in a different way. It was the start of our journey into the public cloud.
Automation is not only in our DNA, it's on our skin as well. Our customers can basically enter at whatever level of the stack they want. You can go straight to the API bindings and create your own workflow and then have at it. You want to grab something that's just built for the VRA portal so you can stick us in your service portal and just use what we've built or what the community's built. Have at it. Automation is a huge part of our philosophy.
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