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Brent Lamm

Senior VP and CIO

UNC Health

Brent Lamm is the Senior VP and CIO at UNC Health. Results oriented executive with proven track record leading innovative Information Technology and Data Analytics teams and initiatives. Broad background implementing and operating enterprise information systems and processes in complex business and academic settings utilizing diverse vendor technologies. Unique blend of leadership skills, strategic planning, and technical experience and leadership skills used to deliver high quality solutions.



While none of us would have wanted the pandemic to happen, it really was a silver lining for our team. Data science became front and center for our organization, for our system and created miraculous solutions that helped our top executives and frontline managers make decisions on a daily basis.
Physician recruitment in rural areas is really tough. So UNC is making sure we've got the right providers and care teams in place to provide the care that's needed in the rural parts of North Carolina.
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