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Bob Klein


Digital Scientists

Bob Klein is the CEO of Digital Scientists.

For more than 30 years, Bob Klein has been translating customer needs into technology-enabled products across a wide range of industries. From logistics to digital health, Bob and the team at Digital Scientists create custom-designed software solutions that focus on improving the human experience.

Striving to connect his team with impactful work, Bob shows a daily commitment to creating products that will touch people’s lives and have a lasting impact. He demonstrates this in his promise to develop technology that can improve both healthcare access and patient outcomes.

Bob has built and honed a set of deep capabilities throughout his education and his career in both the private and public sectors, He combines the technical knowledge of an engineer with the soft skills of a business leader. Before founding his own firm, Bob worked at Siemens in product lifecycle management, working primarily with large e-commerce projects. This experience gave him insight into the end-to-end requirements necessary to build and effectively scale a digital product and service.

Having lived and worked internationally, Bob brings a global perspective to his role and an empathy that factors heavily into his decision-making – and his judgment about the types of clients with whom he partners. His core values are embedded in his company culture – curiosity, humility, discipline and trust. He seeks partners who share these values and puts principles ahead of profit.

Bob lives in the Atlanta-metro area where he plays golf and takes long walks together with his wife and their golden retriever, Cookie.


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