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Angelique Russell

Senior Clinical Data Scientist / Informaticist


Angelique Russell, MPH is the Senior Clinical Data Scientist / Informaticist at Cogitativo.

Passionate about utilizing data science to derive value from electronic health records and improve patient outcomes. She has expert SQL data mining skills and extensive background in EHR systems, standardized healthcare vocabularies (SNOMED, LOINC, ICD-10), and healthcare data exchange formatting (HL7, CCDA/XML/FHIR). Familiar with many aspects of machine learning from model development to deployment of real-time predictive solutions, including rapid prototyping in Azure ML and advanced statistical analysis/programming in R.



I sat on some calls with ICU physicians that were painful. Hearing the frustration from clinicians who were unable to determine who they needed to admit and put on a ventilator or in an emergency room or who could go home and not having that answer. Not being able to rely on their own medical judgment. There wasn't any literature out yet. That was really difficult.
There’s an idea in healthcare data science that we can apply deep learning. Basically, in an unsupervised way, just take a big, vast database and say we're going to let the algorithms find the signals. But the risk there is that the signals you're choosing are not going to be consistent over time. That kind of black box approach doesn’t work at all in healthcare.
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