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Andrew Cooper

Executive Director Information

NCH Healthcare System

Andrew Cooper is the Executive Director Information Technology for NCH Healthcare System. Solutions-focused Senior Technology.

Professional with a history of leveraging technology solutions to deliver immediate results and long-term operational improvements. Keen business sense with a record of effectively balancing multiple deadlines, modernizing systems, supporting acquisitions, building and enhancing information technology and security departments. Comprehensive knowledge of technology operations and information security in healthcare and banking industries complemented with strong academic background including an MBA.



We used to do quite a few meetings in person but we've gone down to less than 10% that are onsite on a routine basis. And what we've actually learned is it's much easier if either everybody's virtual or everybody's in the room. The hybrid approach becomes really difficult. So being virtual has really allowed us to be a lot more productive.
We are coming from a completely customized EHR and that's not a reflection of the vendor. That is truly just us as an organization. Over 20 plus years we've used the technology and customized it. I think the biggest challenge is going to be getting away from customization in general and having to adapt workflows and things we do as an organization to match what is recommended in the software.
In banking they use what's referred to as a core system. It’s the main banking software that has everything that interfaces in and out of it. And I have been through seven mergers or conversions. Banking is quite a bit easier than an EHR conversion. In banking it's a lot more black and white. You're not dealing with the full body, the full human aspect.
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