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Varun Anand

Co-Founder and COO


Varun is an entrepreneur with a proven track record across technology startups and large organizations. A dynamic leader with experience in building and managing technology teams for fast and agile development projects. He is a keen observer of industry trends and business models with a special focus on delivering high impact solutions to drive better business outcomes. Has successfully grown MphRx as a co-founder from an early-stage startup to a vendor of choice for multiple large health systems across the globe.

Varun blends technical expertise with business understanding to provide solutions and products that create maximum impact on clients. He has been very successful in building and maintaining client relationships, driving new business through refining product strategy and seamless delivery and implementations. His main interest is always the crossroads of business operations and technology and enjoys playing roles that transcend the conventional barriers of the two.

He is also a full stack developer with command over multiple programming languages and frameworks with experience in delivering large and complex projects in short time frames.


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