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Anthony Alongi

Director of Clinical Engineering

Rochester Regional Health

Anthony Alongi is the System Director of a five hospital system in the upstate New York Greater Rochester/Finger lakes region. Providing strategic leadership in Healthcare Technology Management, Biomedical Device Integration, Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance, and Customer Service.

Specialties: Clinical Engineering Technology Management, Biomedical Device Integration, Diagnostic Imaging Service (CT/MRI), and Radiation Therapy machine maintenance (LINAC).



I’d like to share the idea of collaborating and innovating with your local universities. We have done that with Rochester Institute of Technology and Xerox. So the three of us got together to modify what is known as the Go Vent. It’s a portable vent used in emergency situations. We are going to improve it and increase production using RIT’s design capabilities and Xerox’s manufacturing capabilities.
In the old days, things were done very quickly. The term, ‘stat’ comes up. By nature, IT doesn’t work that way in my experience. It’s, ‘Okay, hold on, let’s scope it out, let’s figure out what’s going on, where are the risks?
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