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Adrian Ang


Aevice Health

Adrian Ang, a seasoned entrepreneur and a passionate health innovator, currently holds the position of CEO and Co-founder at Aevice Health. He is a well-respected figure in the health and wellness industry, largely due to his commitment to improve and enhance health conditions for all through effective, efficient, and affordable healthcare services. Adrian brings a potent combination of strategic vision and operational expertise to Aevice Health, empowering the organization to achieve remarkable milestones in a short time span.

Before Aevice Health, Adrian has had a distinct career across different industries, making him a versatile professional. His adaptability and resilience have been key drivers in his journey, helping him thrive in varied professional environments. His broad career spectrum offers a unique perspective to Aevice Health, bringing in multifaceted wisdom and practical insights.

Today, Adrian’s focus remains on driving innovation in the healthcare sector. His determination, paired with a thorough understanding of the healthcare landscape, ensures Aevice Health’s steady growth and its ability to become a gamechanger in the health and wellness industry. With Adrian Ang at the helm, Aevice Health's future looks filled with promising possibilities as the organization works to redefine the health industry norms.



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