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April 14, 2024

Achieving a Ten-Star EPIC Implementation: Insights from Baptist Jacksonville's IT Success

Stacey Johnston, MD
Stacey Johnston

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, achieving a seamless and efficient IT implementation that significantly improves patient care and staff workflow is a commendable milestone. Stacey Johnston, the Chief Application Officer at Baptist Jacksonville, steered her team toward this remarkable achievement, securing a ten-star rating in their recent EPIC system implementation. This interview delves into the challenges, strategies, and innovations that made this success possible, offering insights into Johnston's leadership and the collaborative effort of her team. As we uncover the story behind Baptist Jacksonville's IT transformation, readers will find inspiration in the dedication and innovative approach that led to this significant accomplishment.

Questions and Answers

Q: What was the driving force behind Baptist Jacksonville's impressive ten-star EPIC implementation?

A: The driving force was undoubtedly the collective effort and dedication of our team. We assembled a group of experts—application analysts, directors, and operational staff, including over 300 physicians who actively participated. This cross-functional collaboration was critical in overcoming the complex challenges we faced and truly was the backbone of our success.

Q: With such a monumental task at hand, how did you manage to maintain momentum and focus among the team?

A: Central to maintaining momentum was ensuring that every team member understood the 'why' behind our undertaking. We aimed to make our objectives clear—improving patient care through advanced technology. This shared goal, combined with consistent communication and highlighting small victories along the way, kept everyone motivated and focused.

Q: Can you share a challenge you faced during the implementation and how you tackled it?

A: One significant challenge was managing the vast change this implementation brought to our operations. To address this, we adopted a strategy of transparent, ongoing communication and actively involved users in the decision-making process. This not only helped in smooth transition but also ensured that the system met the real needs of its users.

Q: How has the successful implementation of the EPIC system transformed operations or patient care at Baptist Jacksonville?

A: The impact has been substantial. For example, our medication reconciliation process has seen remarkable improvements, significantly reducing manual inputs and potential errors, thereby enhancing patient safety and care quality.

Q: Looking forward, how do you plan to build on this success in terms of technology and patient care?

A: Our goal is to continue leveraging technology to enhance patient care, focusing on areas like AI and machine learning to streamline operations and improve patient outcomes. This implementation is a step towards a broader vision of innovative and patient-centered care.


Stacey Johnston's leadership and the unwavering dedication of the Baptist Jacksonville team have set a new standard in healthcare IT implementation. This interview highlights the importance of teamwork, clear vision, and proactive problem-solving in overcoming the challenges associated with significant technological transformations in healthcare settings.

Takeaway #1: Teamwork and clear communication are vital in navigating the complexities of healthcare IT implementation.

Takeaway #2: Understanding the 'why' behind technological changes can significantly motivate and focus teams towards a common goal.

Takeaway #3: Continuous innovation and the application of new technologies like AI are key to further enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

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