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It is becoming increasingly difficult for Health IT professionals to stay up-to-date on the overwhelming amount of industry news, ultimately harming their ability to be effective and innovative in their roles. This Week In Health IT reviews relevant topics and features guest commentary that is quickly and easily consumed each week. By subscribing to our podcast, you and your team can receive the information that equips you to be the bringers of change in the healthcare industry.

This Week In Health IT is dedicated to propelling healthcare forward by raising up the next generation of healthcare leaders. We firmly believe in amplifying the voices of advancement and innovation in health technology to educate and inform progress for health in our communities.


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Managing Editor and Host Bill Russell has served on executive teams in healthcare, higher education and Fortune 500 consulting practices.

As Chief Information Officer for St. Joseph Health, a 16 hospital $6.5 billion system, he rapidly accelerated the diffusion of new IT strategies and methods, while also enhancing organization stability and improved IT performance. This was accomplished by adopting emerging models like cloud, agile development and investing in two successful startups.

“Being a CIO, I could impact one network, but having a voice in the industry allows me to work with and collaborate with so many amazing innovators and have a much wider impact on something I am so passionate about.”

On This Week in Health IT, Bill utilizes his experience to prompt leaders, innovators and organizations to share their stories in a conversational style to capture the wisdom of the industry.

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Our team is dedicated to the future of healthcare. That’s why you can listen to This Week in Health IT and our unique offering of industry influencers each week. Alongside you, these individuals are implementing digital solutions in pursuit of advancing the delivery of health in our communities.

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