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Stay on the cutting edge with the latest developments and trends in the health IT sector through our relevant and timely topics on Newsroom, live shows, Insights emails from our topic leaders, and more.
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Connect and collaborate through our targeted events and conferences designed for health IT professionals.
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Drex DeFord

Drex DeFord is an expert in healthcare information security with a deep background in both public and private sectors. He hosts UnHack (the Podcast), UnHack (the News) and 2:00 Minute Drill, each focusing on cybersecurity news and issues within healthcare, aimed at helping CISOs navigate the complex landscape of IT security.
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Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson is a recognized leader in healthcare IT, known for her transformative leadership style. She hosts Flourish, a podcast dedicated to executive development, offering advice and strategies to help health IT leaders enhance their leadership skills and personal growth.

Bill Russell

Bill Russell is a seasoned leader in health IT, bringing a wealth of experience from his time as a hospital CIO of a sixteen hospital system. He hosts the Keynote, Today, and Newsroom, where he shares strategic insights and trends that are shaping the future of healthcare technology, tailored specifically for CIOs.

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As a leading platform in healthcare technology, This Week Health pioneers the integration of news, events, and insightful conversations into one comprehensive resource. We connect and inspire healthcare leaders through our diverse channels, including engaging podcasts and exclusive events. Let us help you navigate the future of health IT by delivering the latest trends, strategies, and innovations that are shaping the industry.
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