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229 Project HIMSS Meetup

The Hampton Social

Monday March 11
3:30 - 6:30PM

9101 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

Located about 5 minutes away from the HIMSS Conference

One the best parts of going to a conference like HIMSS is interacting with your peers. But, with so many requests for your time, it is hard to prioritize valuable conversations with your peers. That’s why the 229 Project is hosting a Meetup at HIMSS, so you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere we are known for and have meaningful conversations. This could be the best evening of your week in Orlando!

Whether you have been to a 229 Project event before, or this is your first time, this Meetup will be your chance to network with the people transforming healthcare one connection at a time.

HIMSS Meetup

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