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Newsday: AI and Nurses, Change Healthcare, and the Role of the CIO with Drex Deford and Bill Russell

Drex DeFord, President, 229 Cyber/Risk Community at This Week Health joins Bill for the news. Does the integration of AI devalue the nursing profession, or does it offer a pathway to enhance the care they provide by offloading mundane tasks? Furthermore, we explore the accountability quandary posed by AI's increasing involvement in patient care. Who bears the responsibility when AI fails to catch a critical health issue? This episode also takes a deep dive into the recent cybersecurity breach at Change Healthcare, shedding light on its far-reaching implications for the healthcare industry. How prepared are healthcare organizations to handle such disruptions, and what can be done to bolster their resilience against future threats?

Key Points:
- AI in Nursing Roles
- Accountability and AI
- Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack
- The Role of the CIO in Cybersecurity

News articles:
- Nvidia Wants to Replace Nurses With AI for $9 an Hour
- Change attack update: UnitedHealth launching medical claims solution
- The Change Healthcare cyberattack: A timeline

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