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Keynote: Understanding the Patient Experience and Integrating New Technologies with Cris Ross

Join Cris Ross, CIO of the Mayo Clinic, as they delve into the future of health IT. From the integration of AI in radiology to the potential for patient dialogue with medical records, Ross shares insights on the transformative power of technology in healthcare. But as we embrace these advancements, how can we ensure patient-centricity remains at the core? And with the rapid evolution of technology, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for aspiring IT professionals entering the healthcare sector? Cris also shares his personal experience as a patient in Healthcare and the changes it made in his perspective. Join the conversation as they explore the intersection of technology and patient care, and contemplate the ethical implications of AI integration in healthcare.

Key Points:
- Cris Ross -
- Mayo Clinic -
- Patient Focused Innovation
- System Integration
- Healthcare Trends
- Virtual Workspace Community
- Workplace Necessities

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