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Interview in Action @ ViVE '24: UPMC's Epic Implementation with Chris Carmody & Tyler Bryson

Live from ViVE, Chris Carmody, CTO & Senior Vice President for UPMC, and Tyler Bryson, Corporate Vice President, Health & Public Sector Industries, US for Microsoft, delve into the innovative partnership between UPMC and Microsoft, focusing on the transformative power of AI in healthcare. Chris Carmody shares insights into how leveraging Microsoft's AI platforms has revolutionized their clinical analytics, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation explores the critical role of data analytics in improving patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. How does UPMC's approach to AI and data analytics serve as a model for other healthcare institutions? What implications does this partnership have for the future of healthcare technology, and how might it influence patient care and operational strategies? This episode not only sheds light on UPMC's journey with AI but also prompts us to consider the broader impacts of technology on healthcare systems.

Categories: AI / Machine Learning, EHR

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