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Interview In Action @ HIMSS 24 ​​Ordr's Impact and Cybersecurity Growth with Wes Wright

In this episode of This Week Health, Wes Wright, Chief Healthcare Officer at Ordr, discusses cyber security. They explore the transformative power of Ordr's technology in addressing the critical needs of healthcare IT infrastructure. How does Ordr's asset visibility tool redefine the approach to network security, and what implications does this have for healthcare providers' ability to protect sensitive data? With the advent of Ordr AI Chasm, how will the landscape of cyber asset attack surface management evolve, and what does this mean for the future of healthcare cybersecurity? As Ordr paves the way for rapid, comprehensive network visibility, we're prompted to reflect on the broader implications: How will such technologies shape the strategies for managing healthcare IT infrastructure, and what lessons can be learned about the importance of network segmentation and vulnerability management?

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