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Meet Bill Russell,
Founder of the 229 Project

As the former CIO for a sixteen hospital system, I have been on the frontlines of healthcare technology leadership. And I recognize how difficult the role can be.

My hope is to create an authentic community of leaders and partners where we can work togehter to build a better future for healthcare.  One where every leader will have a community that supports them and spurs them on to great things. 

The 229Project

On February 29th, 2020 (2/29), the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the United States. This sparked an enormous upheaval in healthcare and demonstrated the need for healthcare leaders to have stronger connections with one another. The 229 Project seeks to bring healthcare leaders together in a relaxed, collegial setting to have transformative conversations.

The 229 Project Community is about fostering relationships between healthcare leaders.  We create settings for discussion around the most pressing challenges facing healthcare while encouraging relationships to grow.

Our goal is twofold:

 ➤  build a community of healthcare leaders that delivers great professional and personal value.
 ➤  To connect leaders to peers who can navigate the many challenges they face.
 ➤  Facilitate discussions that lead to solutions for better healthcare in the world.

Together, we can transform healthcare one connection at a time.
Join the Community
The 229 Community are Health IT Leaders Who Believe:

Leaders in isolation are sure to fail.

We commit to building strong peer networks.

You're either part of the solution or the problem.

We commit to solving problems, not complaining about problems.

True communities are built with people, not for people.

We all commit to being contributors, not just consumers.

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