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Royal Tuthill

CoFounder & President

Docent Health

Royal Tuthill is the CoFounder & President of Docent Health. He leads business development and product strategy. Royal has worked extensively in healthcare across a range of settings, as well as outside of healthcare consulting brands across industries on how to develop brand-driven growth strategies. Prior to launching Docent Health, Royal was a founding member of the Venture Studio at Oxeon Partners. Before that, he worked across strategy, operations, and product development functions at Aetna to develop new products and businesses. Royal also has held roles in various functions at organizations such as Deloitte Consulting, WebMD, and the Clinton Foundation. Royal received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Lafayette College and a master’s degree in Healthcare Management from New York University.



There's a lot of sophisticated tech underneath text messaging. It’s funny, it feels like the new killer app these days. But in order to make it effective, it does require a lot of sophistication underneath.
There is a big focus for us over the movement around social justice and social determinants of health and racial disparities. How can we make sure that no communities are getting left behind?
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