This Week Health 5 Years

February 25, 2020: It's News Day! Bill kicks off the show by talking about the vision of This Week in Health IT. As a passionate health IT leader, Bill believes that healthcare suffers because health IT is lagging, and through creating awareness, he hopes to inspire change. He then covers a range of stories, from Ed Marx’s post on LinkedIn about the reasons that digital healthcare lags to AdventHealth’s decision to change from Cerner to Epic. Bill weighs in on all of these, agreeing with some and pointing out the shortcomings of others. The final story Bill shares is one that continues to dominate the headlines: The Epic Story. This time, Bill discusses Don Rucker’s response to it and how he sees this story unfolding over the upcoming months.

Key Points:

Amplify great thinking to propel healthcare forward and raise up the next generation of health leaders.

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