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Using Technology to Simplify & Not Complicate Healthcare, Can we Re engage Clinicians & Patients

Today we have a special treat. Jonathan Manis, Senior VP and CIO for CHRISTUS Health walks us through his Opening Keynote “Re-Design Healthcare” presented at the Texas HIMSS conference. In this episode, it becomes utterly apparent that the healthcare industry needs a mind-shift. We delve into mobility, connectivity, consumerism and an alteration to “prediction and prevention” versus the “provision” of care to the sick and unwell. Healthcare can’t advance with a new approach until we stop using the old approach. How can we nix some of the complexity? Are customer experience expectations different across different countries? Healthcare consumers are stuck with what their insurance carriers’ want them to do. Will we ever break out of that model? How can we re-design healthcare?

Key Points:
In this digital hurricane world, healthcare is lagging way behind
Venture capitalists are not investing in the delivery of better healthcare. Venture capitalists are investing in better healthcare delivery.
I hate talking about innovation. We don't need innovation, we need adoption.


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