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UnHack (the Podcast): From Sports to Christmas Movies - Unhack Cybersecurity with Analogies

May 20, 2024: Join host Drex DeFord on "Unhack the Podcast" as we explore the art of communicating complex cybersecurity issues through engaging and relatable analogies. Hear from a lineup of seasoned CISOs from top healthcare organizations as they share their unique stories, ranging from boxing metaphors to cinematic references, to illustrate the nuances of cyber risk, resilience, and strategy. Whether it's understanding risk-based prioritization with bar fight analogies or increasing cybersecurity budgets with fortune cookies, this episode offers a creative twist on technical explanations. Dive into these insightful narratives and learn how to convey technical security concepts in terms everyone can grasp.

1. Nate Couture, CISO at University of Vermont Medicine -
2. Kathy Alexion, formerly the CIO at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation -
3. Brian Cayer, CISO at USC Keck Medicine -
4. Gary Chan, CISO at SSM -
5. Jason Elrod, CISO at MultiCare -
6. Steven Ramirez, CISO at Renown -
7. Shauna Hofer, CISO at St. Luke’s in Boise -

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