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UnHack (the Podcast): Cybersecurity Threats and AI Solutions in Healthcare Featuring Shawna Hofer

Join host Drex Deford on this inaugural episode of "Unhack the Podcast" as he welcomes Shawna Hofer, CISO at St. Luke's in Boise, for an enlightening conversation on the evolving landscape of AI in healthcare cybersecurity. In this episode, Shawna shares her insights on how AI technologies are transforming both threat dynamics and defense mechanisms within the healthcare sector. Dive into real-world examples of AI applications, learn about the challenges and opportunities these innovations present, and discover what healthcare organizations can do to stay ahead in a rapidly changing cybersecurity environment. Whether you're a cybersecurity professional, healthcare administrator, or tech enthusiast, this discussion will equip you with valuable knowledge on the intersection of AI and healthcare security.

Key Points:

•AI in Cybersecurity: Exploration of how AI is used by both defenders and attackers in healthcare cybersecurity.
•Threat Actors: Insight into the diverse groups targeting U.S. healthcare, including nation-states and ransomware criminals.
•AI for Defense and Offense: Discussion on AI’s role in automating defensive cybersecurity tasks and enhancing offensive strategies.
•Impact of Data Breaches: How AI processes stolen data to identify vulnerabilities and potential targets in healthcare systems.
Shawna Hofer’s Insights: Key strategies and experiences from Shawna Hofer, CISO at St. Luke's, regarding AI's integration into cybersecurity efforts.

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