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UnHack the News: The Ascension Breach and Vendor Accountability with Wes Wright

June 3, 2024: Wes Wright ( , Chief Healthcare Officer of Ordr ( , joins Drex for the news. They delve into the complex landscape of healthcare cybersecurity, highlighting the persistent vulnerabilities and emerging threats faced by the industry. They discuss the challenges of maintaining legacy systems and the startling ease with which outdated software like Windows XP can be exploited. How can healthcare organizations balance the urgent need for cybersecurity with the everyday demands of patient care? They also explore the contentious topic of regulatory mandates, questioning whether these rules are truly burdensome or necessary for ensuring baseline security standards. The conversation extends to the repercussions of major breaches like the Ascension hack and the role of third-party vendors in safeguarding sensitive data. Is it fair to blame vendors for security failures, or should health systems share the responsibility? This episode provides a deep dive into the critical issues at the intersection of healthcare and cybersecurity, offering insights and sparking debate on how to best protect vital healthcare infrastructure.

Key Points:

• Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges
• Legacy System Vulnerabilities
• Regulatory Mandates Debate
• Accountability in Breaches
• Third-party Vendor Roles

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