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TownHall: The Potential and Unknowns of AI and Emerging Tech in Healthcare, Pt 2, with John League

Today on TownHall is the second part of a conversation between Brett Oliver, Family Physician and Chief Medical Information Officer at Baptist Health and John League, Managing Director, Digital Health Research at Advisory Board. How does the current financial challenge in the healthcare system impact the digital health industry in both the short term and the long term, from the perspectives of healthcare organizations and vendors? What are the main factors hindering healthcare organizations from investing in digital health solutions, and how do these factors relate to the challenges they face in stabilizing operations and managing resources effectively? How does the skepticism and risk aversion in the current market impact digital health startups and vendors that were funded during the enthusiastic period of COVID-19, and how does it affect their business plans and revenue expectations? What technological advancements or use cases, such as self-service options and self-scheduling, hold significant importance but are currently lacking in the healthcare industry?

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