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TownHall: Technical Debt, Patient Adoption, and AI with Rick Schooler

Today on TownHall Sue Schade, Principal at StarBridge Advisors speaks with Rick Schooler, CIO at Lee Health. In this episode Sue and Rick discuss the use of AI and new technology, the fostering of a consumer-centric strategy, the need for governance and digitalization in healthcare, and the challenges faced in regard to remote work arrangements. Throughout the conversation, Rick offers insightful advice to vendors, emphasizing the importance of honesty and understanding client needs. Above all, he urges provider organizations to have effective policies for the adoption of AI. Moreover, Rick discusses technical debt, a subject that he passionately believes should not be overlooked. Maintenance and upgrades hold high importance, and an eye should always be on the future to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. Finally, they shed light on patient adoption, a less discussed but substantial part of the healthcare transformation journey. Is your health system ready to navigate these complexities?

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