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Today on TownHall Karla Arzola, Former Director of Information Technology - Swedish Medical Center at HealthONE speaks with MariJo Rugh, Vice President, CIO, UCHealth Affiliates at UCHealth about work-life balance and the past, present, and future of UCHealth’s Affiliate Community Connect Program. What was her career journey to Health IT? What advice does she have for taking that next career step while balancing work and home life? How does her current role fulfill her personal mission? How is her organization measuring success? What is the future of her organization’s program?

As the healthcare industry undergoes a rapid digital transformation, IT security must stay ahead of the curve. CISOs need to think ahead and proactively develop security policies and processes to ensure that healthcare organizations are secure and compliant with rapidly evolving regulations. Join us on our April 6 webinar, “Leader Series: CISO Priorities for 2023” to explore healthcare companies' challenges today and the strategies CISOs can use to stay on top of the security priorities for 2023.

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