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TownHall: Hospital at Home, Digital Patient Access, and AI Enhancements with Jane Moran

Today on TownHall Sue Schade, Principal at StarBridge Advisors welcomes back Jane Moran, Chief Information and Digital Officer at Mass General Brigham. Jane delves into her role and the impactful advancements her team is setting in motion for the future of healthcare technology. Jane's unique position, having transitioned from a non-healthcare background into leading digital initiatives at one of Massachusetts' most significant health systems, sets the stage for an examination of innovative approaches to patient care and satisfaction. How does a perspective from fintech and consumer goods translate to healthcare, and in what ways are these insights driving Mass General Brigham's strategies to enhance patient and researcher experiences? We explore the potentials and challenges faced in expanding Hospital at Home programs, the pivotal role of digital technologies in reducing administrative burdens for clinicians, and the leverage AI offers in automating clinical documentation and improving patient engagement. Moreover, Jane sheds light on the delicate balance between innovation and ethical considerations in AI deployment.

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