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TownHall: Fostering Health Equity, Advocacy, and Innovation with Jose Torres Vega

Today on TownHall Karla Arzola, Chief Information Officer at Rocky Mountain Human Services speaks with Jose Torres-Vega, Information Technology Manager, Volunteer Non-Attorney Advocate & Volunteer Lobbyist at Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition. Born and raised in Guatemala, Jose's journey weaves through an impressive palette of identities - a disability advocate, a multilingual attorney, an IT manager, and a policy influencer. Amidst the digital and health inequities exacerbated by COVID-19, how has Jose leveraged his diverse skillset to promote health equity in rural Colorado? As Jose narrates his experiences in fighting for civil rights, leading technological innovation in nonprofits, and working closely with the local government, we are prompted to reflect on pivotal questions. Can technology be harnessed to democratize access to healthcare and resources? In what creative ways can we bridge the physical and digital divide plaguing our communities? Avowing from personal experience, Jose exemplifies how disability inclusion in technology can foster transformative solutions and policies.

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