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TownHall: Employee Engagement and Fostering Collaboration with Pamela Saechow

Today on TownHall Karla Arzola, Chief Information Officer at Rocky Mountain Human Services speaks with Pamela Saechow, CEO at Ellit Groups and former CIO. Originating from Laos and emigrating to the U.S. at a young age, Pamela's story is filled with rich experiences from across various healthcare organizations, where she has been a relentless advocate for patient care and technological innovation. As a leader, how does one rebuild a disengaged and high-turnover team from the ground up? What are the secrets behind successful employee engagement committees, and how do they consistently foster an inclusive and collaborative environment? Pamela shares insightful strategies on how to create a culture that values diversity and continuous learning. How crucial is the role of knowledge sharing within an IT department, and what are the most effective ways to implement that?

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