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TownHall: Centralizing Analytic Reporting Using Epic with David Torgerson & Joe Evans, MD

Today on TownHall Matt Sullivan, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer at Advocate Health speaks with Joe Evans, MD, VP and Chief Medical Information Officer and Dave Torgerson, Chief Analytics Officer at Sentara Health. The three delve deep into the challenges and complexities organizations face in streamlining analytic reporting, particularly in large setups. Dave and Joe share their experiences in attempting to centralize information sources, the utilization of Epic for analytics, and the significance of user experience in analytic platforms. How did Sentara tackle the challenge of providing centralized analytic reporting in a large organization setting? How are they ensuring the security and controlled access of reports, especially when integrating with tools outside of Epic? Why is the user experience a paramount concern for Sentara, and what measures are taken to ensure simplicity and intuitiveness in their analytics platform?

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