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TownHall: A Realigned Role, Generational Diversity, and Giving Back Time with Saad Chaudhry

Today on TownHall Sue Schade, Principal at StarBridge Advisors speaks with Saad Chaudhry, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Luminis Health. How has Saad's role as Chief Digital and Information Officer at Luminis Health expanded, and what are the implications for his team and the organization? What is the rationale behind Luminis Health's decision to integrate marketing, communications, and public relations into the Chief Digital and Information Officer's responsibilities? How does their online scheduling system prioritize and cater to the needs of patients seeking primary care services, such as annual physicals? In what ways do they aim to give back time to their users, patients, and leaders, and how does this philosophy align with their transformation efforts?

Read Saad’s The Manifesto of Time here:

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