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Today: Mission, Values, and Partnerships

Mission, Values, and Strategic Partnerships in Healthcare

In this episode, Bill Russell, discusses the importance of mission, values, and partnerships in transforming healthcare. Bill highlights the significance of aligning missions and visions when forming partnerships, rather than focusing solely on financial benefits. He announces various exciting initiatives, including a live show, a fundraising partnership with Alex's Lemonade Stand to combat childhood cancer, and a collaborative event called SOAR 2024 with Bloomberg Leaders aimed at advancing women in IT and healthcare IT. The episode emphasizes the value of shared beliefs and complementary business models in successful collaborations.

00:00 Introduction and Sponsors

00:32 Fundraising for Alex's Lemonade Stand

01:15 Live Show Announcement

01:56 Partnership with Bloomberg Leaders

02:44 Mission, Vision, and Values in Partnerships

06:03 Event Details and Encouragement

08:16 Final Thoughts on Partnerships

09:45 Conclusion and Thanks

Transform Healthcare - One Connection at a Time

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