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The VMware Approach to Simplifying, Securing and Managing your Entire Environment

Move fast and be free in a multi-cloud world. How can you harness the power of multi-cloud to accelerate innovation and transform the way you do business? Whether you need help with security, modern apps, cloud or remote work, VMware can help. Raj Rana, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering - National Healthcare shares how to secure your infrastructure with multi-cloud edge to gain greater flexibility and control. And how to leverage your architecture to provide rapid recovery and resiliency. In healthcare today, a blueprint for creating an agile modern healthcare digital foundation without impacting the quality of care, is essential.

Key Points:
* 75% of attacks actually occur through lateral propagation
* At face value, new operating models appear to be incremental innovation, but really it’s implementing pretty significant changes that still allow you to leverage that technology
* People won't like you if they don't trust you. And that's a challenge that's very, very difficult to quantify.

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