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The Sequoia Project: Driving Interoperability and Qualified Health Information Networks (QHINs)

In an industry marked by rapid turnover and burnout, Mariann Yeager is an anomaly. This year, she is celebrating 10 years at the helm of The Sequoia Project, a public-private collaborative formed to advance implementation of secure, interoperable nationwide health information exchange. What was the lay of the land with regard to interoperability 10 years ago? Why was data exchange so hard at the time? How did the pandemic impact the interoperability landscape? How has the 21st Century Cures Act changed the work of the Sequoia Project? How would we like to see patients engage with their data over the next five years? What work is The Sequoia Project doing to support the implementation of TEFCA?

Key Points:
In 2012 a lot of healthcare was not yet digitized. We were just starting to see that evolve.
The goal of TEFCA is a single on-ramp for connectivity nationwide
There’s a big push in the US for a national patient identifier
AI and machine learning are bringing up a whole new set of problems with our data


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