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The Intersection of Technology and Healthcare with AWS's Phoebe Yang

This once in a century pandemic has been hard and grueling but it has also been fascinating, inspiring and exciting as we think about our future in healthcare. Phoebe Yang, General Manager, Amazon Web Services, Healthcare is leading the high growth cloud service business that sits at the inflection of technology and healthcare. What are the problems that technology is best positioned to solve? Clinicians now have AI, ML, Big Data, Architecture and Automation tools at their fingertips within minutes. What does this mean for workflow? What does it mean for patients? When it comes to health equities, does technology alleviate or exacerbate the problem? How can we use technology to help solve the labor shortage in healthcare?

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Key Points:
00:00:00 - Intro
00:31:15 - Amazon Transcribe Medical and Amazon Comprehend Medical
00:18:00 - AWS is enabling the innovators at Houston Methodist with clinical voice technology. Why, in the operating room, does any clinician, surgeon or staff member ever have to touch a screen or keyboard?
00:06:40 - How can healthcare become more consumer centric?
00:30:10 - We are at a transformational and revolutionary moment in the provision of healthcare

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