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The Incident Responder’s Guide to Defending Health Systems from Cyberattacks

Incident response (IR) for healthcare IT, clinical operations and administration is more critical than ever. To safeguard healthcare-based information, improve cybersecurity posture and build resilience against security breaches, Sirius Healthcare has partnered with top-tier incident response partners CrowdStrike and Semperis to develop and deliver a healthcare-focused Incident Response Program and retainer-based IR and recovery services to better prepare healthcare systems for cybersecurity incidents.

Our agreements with CrowdStrike and Semperis allow Sirius to resell Incident Response retainers based on their technologies on Sirius paper. Semperis, the market leader for Active Directory and hybrid-identity security, is our #1 partner for Active Directory security and resiliency. CrowdStrike is our #1 solution partner in the remote IR and EDR service. Their Falcon Complete is a must-have for remote IR services and on every cyberinsurance approved IR vendor list. We engage CrowdStrike during every active healthcare incident, and the Falcon Complete and Overwatch threat-hunting team to increase the odds of repelling threat actors.
This is a unique offering that will position us to be a strategic partner with healthcare organizations’ IT security and IT operations, and it should absolutely be at the top of your list for healthcare client conversations.


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