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The Changing Face of Education in the Immersive World of the Metaverse

Crazy today. Obvious tomorrow. That’s the perfect way to sum up technology. Victory XR just announced its partnership with Meta. Steve Grubbs, CEO, of Victory XR shares their goal of bringing a more immersive way for students to learn through virtual and augmented reality. 'Metaversities’. Educators are given training and 3D objects to teach a variety of subjects to their students. The best part? Students’ grades go up. Student focus goes up. Student enjoyment goes up. What is the promise around this virtual education? Why have we now reached a tipping point in this type of technology? What does the experience look like for a teacher? What does it look like for a student? Will the metaverse change healthcare?

Key Points:
The jump from the internet to the metaverse will be similar to the jump from radio to television
In the metaverse, healthcare students can train on the hospital equipment over and over and over again whereas in the real world access would be limited.
We are trying to get the whole education and workplace training universe to think about the Fortnite generation who are now entering higher education


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