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Taking EDR & MDR to the Next Level in This Hot Health IT Discussion

Healthcare is being slammed by cybersecurity challenges. What does the anatomy of a security breach look like? It is vital to be able to detect malicious behavior and understand what's normal and what's not normal. What strategies and solutions can be deployed to mitigate the threats? Today Todd Felker, Executive Healthcare Strategist at CrowdStrike and James Case, VP and CISO at Baptist Health talk about EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), MDR (Managed Detection and Response) and IR (Incident Response). How are these tools addressing some of the challenges? What are the main “portals” for exfiltration? How does a “people-centric” approach protect organizations? What is the 1 10 60 framework?

Key Points:
It's not IF but WHEN because they are going to get in at some point
Speed is everything
Some cyber insurance companies won't write you a policy unless you have EDR now. It's gotten that crazy.
We have to evolve like the adversary does. We have to get faster.
Our guarantee with our managed detection and response is that we will identify, detect and remediate within 60 minutes


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