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Solution Showcase: The Future of Efficiency Erlanger’s Leap into Automated Testing with SureTest

Laura O'Toole, CEO of SureTest, and Cinnamon Mathews, Chief Application Officer at Erlanger Health share about their collaboration with Sue Schade, Principal at StarBridge Advisors. As they navigate through their experiences, they engage in discussions surrounding their industry challenges and the innovative solutions they've implemented. Why is proper staffing such a prevalent issue in the healthcare system? How can automation contribute to higher quality testing and efficient time-saving methods? How does SureTest, with its impressive library of scripts, sparks a significant transformation in the regression testing process? We also explore the crucial distinction between being a vendor and a partner in this sector.

Key Points:
- Staffing Challenges
- Automation Benefits
- Testing Procedures
- Application of SureTest -
- Future Opportunities

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