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Solution Showcase: Reducing Risk Through an Effective Cloud Security Strategy with CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike has played a significant role in data security since 2011. Todd Felker, Executive Healthcare Strategist for Crowdstrike, and Robert Cantu, Director, Cybersecurity Operations at Inova Health System shares how CrowdStrike's journey from an endpoint visibility tool in 2015 to a comprehensive cybersecurity platform has been shaped by the needs of their customers like health care providers? What challenges and strategies exist in the process of upskilling a team for a transition from traditional systems to cloud-based cybersecurity? How does CrowdStrike's approach differ when providing cybersecurity solutions to large systems versus small rural health systems? As cybersecurity needs continue to evolve, what key factors should organizations consider when choosing a cybersecurity partner? How has the shift to the cloud affected supply chain and procurement processes, particularly in terms of equipment acquisition and standardization? How does CrowdStrike’s solution address the challenges healthcare organizations face in moving to the cloud? What makes CrowdStrike's approach unique in the cybersecurity space?

Key Points:
- Single Platform Integration
- CrowdStrike's Platform Evolution
- Endpoint Visibility Importance
- Crowd-Powered AI Improvement
- Indicators of Attack
- Upskilling for Cloud
- Multi-cloud Approach Benefits
- IoT Device Integration
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