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Solution Showcase: Navigating Data Recovery and Cyber Resiliency with Rubrik’s Ryan Baker

Ryan Baker, VP of Sales for Rubrik, joins for an in-depth discussion on backup and cyber resiliency. Do traditional backup methods hold up in today's cyber landscape? Are we being proactive or reactive in the fight against cyber threats? Baker provides intriguing information about how cyber resiliency diverges from simple data backup, focusing on Rubrik's approach to securing, protecting and restoring data. With the increasing move towards cloud-based systems and services, how does this change the complexity of data recovery? Explore these thought-provoking topics and more as we dive into the intersection of healthcare and cybersecurity.

Key Points:
- Backup vs. Resiliency
- Cyber Resiliency
- Cloud Complexity
- Rubrik's Approach
- Understanding Threats
- Data Recovery
- Rubrik -

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