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Solution Showcase: Navigating Application Rationalization and Application Archiving with Clearsense

In this solution showcase with Tanya Wrathell, Manager of IT Operations for one of the largest non-profit, faith-based health organizations, they delve into the complexities and strategic approaches to application archiving and rationalization within a sprawling healthcare system spanning 27 states. How did their partnership with Clearsense help to ease the transition? Wrathell shares invaluable insights into their journey towards becoming an Epic shop, revealing the nuanced decision-making processes involved in decommissioning outdated systems and embracing a single-instance EHR implementation. As we navigate through the discussion, questions arise: What are the tangible ROIs of archiving and decommissioning applications replaced by a unified EHR system? How does the organization's approach to data migration versus archiving impact end-user experience and access to crucial patient information? And, in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare IT, how does the organization plan to leverage archived data for analytics and predictions?

Key Points:
- EHR Implementation Journey
- Archiving vs. Migration Decisions
- End-User Experience Considerations
- Application Decommissioning Challenges
- Vendor Relationship Management
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