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Solution Showcase: How Baptist Health Enhanced Clinician Experience by 7 Million Clicks with DrFirst

In this engaging episode from VIVE 2024 in Los Angeles, we delve into the transformative journey of Baptist Health Jacksonville under the leadership of Stacey Johnston, Chief Application Officer, and their remarkable achievement of a ten-star EPIC implementation. The conversation also focuses on the clinician experience, specifically medication reconciliation (MedRec) challenges, as Colin Banas, Chief Medical Officer with DrFirst, outlines the persistent hurdles despite advancements in interoperability and digitization. How can the gaps in medication history be filled, and what solutions can address the semantic interoperability problem to prevent manual data transcription errors? This episode not only sheds light on the complexities of healthcare IT implementations and optimizations but also presents innovative solutions to longstanding challenges in clinical workflows.

Key Points:
- Ten-Star EPIC Implementation Success
- Post-Live Optimization Strategies
- Medication Reconciliation Challenges
- Improving Medication History Accuracy
- AI-Driven Process Enhancements

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