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Solution Showcase: All Things Data with Clearsense and the Six Pillars of Data Governance

Live from the HIMSS Conference, Terri Mikol, Data Governance Principal Advisor at Clearsense and Govind Thirumalai, Vice President of Business Intelligence at Parkview Health talk all things data. What are the six work streams when implementing data governance in healthcare organizations? How does Clearsense combine data with institutional knowledge to provide a learning platform for users? How can healthcare organizations ensure that the answers to common data governance questions are accessible to departments and hospitals? How does the complexity of healthcare data across multiple states impact data governance initiatives? What are the benefits of having a community of analytics users within an organization? Why is it necessary to have clear definitions for data elements, even if multiple definitions are acceptable in different use cases?

Key Points:
- Metadata
- Data governance
- Data definitions
- Data literacy
- Complexity of healthcare data.
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