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Solution Showcase: A Story of an Epic Implementation, a Brand New Hospital, and a New EHR

Straight from HIMSS, Kat Hasanovic, Senior Director, Clinical EHR Applications at Baptist Health shares the story of their big Epic implementation, implementing the EHR, how DrFirst aided in their journey, and more. What was the process of implementing the new EHR system, including the challenges faced and how they were overcome? How did they decide on DrFirst as a solution, and what were the criteria they used to evaluate different vendors? What was the impact of the solution on patient safety, clinician satisfaction, and overall quality of care? And, looking back, what would they have done differently in the implementation process, and what lessons did they learn that could be useful for others going through a similar project?

Key Points:
- EHR implementation challenges
- Medication data consolidation
- Artificial intelligence solutions for data cleaning
- Stakeholder collaboration and input
- Testing and validation processes
- Baptist Health Jacksonville -

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