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How can a senior’s life be improved? How can their caregiver’s life be made easier? Dwight Raum, Chief Digital Officer shares how Quil Assure‘s connected home system, with the use of AI and ML, learns patterns and keeps caregivers alert when things are off. This means better outcomes at a lower cost. And the best thing? It doesn’t feel evasive. Imagine a 24/7 emergency support technology that just melts into the background but can potentially save your life.

Key Points:
Smart Sensing takes Quil to a whole new level. Quil discreetly monitors daily routines and notifies your Care Circle when things look out of the ordinary.
With our 24/7 Emergency Support, you choose who to notify, and even whether you want to use Emergency Dispatch.
It's a great tool to help somebody who may be on the edge of needing senior living to stay in their home a little longer than they would've otherwise
Alerts include changes in routine, sleep insights and predictions, home and away insights, medical reminders, caregiving coordination and more


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