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Today on TownHall Frank Nydam, President and CEO of Tausight interviews Aaron Miri, SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Baptist Health about situational awareness when sharing and risk assessment of patient health information. How do you walk the fine line of accountability regarding when and when not to share patient data? Why is full visibility of patient health information so hard to achieve? What percentage of industry leaders does he believe fully has situational awareness of their PHS?

Webinar: Don’t Pay The Ransom - Thu Aug 18 @ 1pm ET / 10am PT
Is your health system paying out for attacks on your data? How can we stop the cycle? Rubrik is offering incredible insight into the arising issues in cyber resilience in ransomware attacks, cloud data management with securing Epic in Azure, and unstructured data. In this webinar, we analyze the best practices to initiate in our hospital systems.



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