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Securing Healthcare's Extended Internet of Things XIoT with Medigate

IoT Security is increasingly complex with the rise in connected devices and cyber attacks. Here to help is Claroty and Medigate. Samuel Hill, Director Product Marketing and Kierk Sanderlin, VP of Customer Success at Medigate join Bill live from ViVE 2022 to discuss The Powerhouse for Securing the Extended Internet of things (XIoT). Combining Medigate’s leadership in delivering unmatched visibility, protection & threat detection for medical devices with Claroty’s leadership in doing the same for industrial OT devices, has created a powerhouse for security of the Extended internet of Things (XIoT) in healthcare. Organizations can now confidently connect their IoMT, OT, IoT and IT assets with a single, best of breed solution.

Key Points:
00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:10 - Medigate helps give visibility to all of your devices that are connected and then gives accurate data
00:02:50 - We take a passive network scanning approach
00:06:10 - Am I worried about compliance or am I worried about security?
00:10:15 - What is the maturity framework that you look at?

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